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Buying A Rochelle Concertina (Europe)


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I also live in Brussel ;-)


Then I think you should get a Jackie because that's what I already have :P

And if you haven't looked into it yet, check out the OAIM, all the lessons are on an Anglo! (unless of course you get Skype lessons!)

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Thanks TimTim !

I already have an Anglo Lachenal 20 buttons which I really enjoy J I can’t afford a 30 buttons so I was looking for the Rochelle…This week end, I discovered on internet the Elise duet Hayden concertina, I have to say I am completely attract to it lol (even just to learn this tune ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djQCJqOSA-U).

Yes I already subscribe to OIAM, nice tune there ! (for anglo).


For the Jackie, I didn’t consider it… I have an app called “Englitina” on my smartphone, great app which is a virtual English concertina . After a few try, I had severe headache J Could not find the note for an easy tune and even when I got it down (with many mistakes), my brain completely forgot it in next try J So not intuitive to me.


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Hi Nicolas,


I suppose you've done your research on the Elise? Lots of interesting conversations, including one where a forum member explains the problem it might be the day you want to upgrade....and there are no "middle-range" concertinas available. I thought it was something rather crucial to consider...


But then I am also curious about trying the Elise one day so...


(by the way, I think the app can't mimic the instrument. When you have the concertina in your hands, there are so many elements your brain and your body register to make sense of it that I think it makes a huge difference. That is, you remember more easily and all. )


[edit] Sorry I'm in a hurry, just to add that there this other member Matthew Vanitas I think, who played an Elise for a good few years before upgrading so that too is good to know... aaarrhgh you've put the Elise back on my mind.

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Hey TimTim....I already ordered the Elise, I can't wait !!! (about 6 weeks to get here grrr).

In Concertina range, this seem the perfect instrument for me. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to learn a new instrument and the Hayden layout is very intuitive and easy (same shape of chords fingering all around the 2 side !! Never heard of this isomorphic layout before).

I can easily see myself playing around some simple "medievalesque" melody with a drone note :-)

The video above is just awesome, I get back to it a lot !


Yes I did some research and find out exactly there are no middle range for the duet...but that's ok because concertina is kind of my second instrument and won't have time to invest a lot !


Agree with the app, that was a little tease ;-) But still I don’t' like the continuous exchange between left/right side...I find that stressful lol.

Eventually we can meet so you can try the Elise to make up your mind ;-)



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