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Buying Advice: Under 500.00


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As I read on the internet, Rochelle is probably a sure buy for beginner.

I am myself a complete beginner (max 3 weeks) ! I found a nice Lachenal 20 button and decide to go for it (better resale value in case I am not sure about concertina).

I like it so much that I decide lastweek to order the Wren 2 (30 buttons) as a second concertina …I’ll probably receive it this week and I let you know what I think if you haven’t decided yet ;-)



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I have been playing my Rochelle for the past 4 plus years. Bought secondhand for £200. I don't think I will sell it.

I have tried other concertinas, Marcus - very nice, old Lachenal in very good order - which I didn't like.

I may buy a Marcus in the near future.



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Interested to hear your opinion on the Wren as I'm in a similar position. There's also a similarly priced model called Tina available via another Dublin dealer. Quite difficult to find independent reviews of either.

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Hello Gorwel,


Here is my opinion on the Wren 2. Keep in mind that I am a beginner and my only reference is 20 buttons Lachenal (for 3 weeks).


I can already say that comparing the Wren 2 and Lachenal would not be fair.

Should be compared to a similar concertina like the Rochelle...


From the outside, nothing special (probably like the Rochelle). Leather strap look kind of cheap but can easily be replace if necessary.

Size is good as you can see on the video (not huge) and not too heavy, again this the first 30 buttons in my hand so I can’t compare J

Buttons seem of good "quality" and I think won't stick like we often hear for Hohner concertina. I heard a small click sound but nothing special or disturbing.


Below is kind of stiff but probably because it is brand new. It has better air volume than my Lachenal: For the same tune, I reach the extremity with my Lachenal and was good with the Wren 2.


Sound is more synthetic than Lachenal, again it is brand new so I think reeds will soften with time.

It is louder than my Lachenal which was a good point. My lachenal sounded pretty shy after...(So I tend to go back to the Wren :-)


Middle range note sound quite good and with an acceptable response/sensitivity.

I (really) didn't like the lower note, and you need to push the button all the way to hear something.

But beginner tune mostly play in middle range. I never use higher note (my ears !) so I can't really tell.


Overall, I think this concertina is not junk (like Chinese stuff, again but reading internet, not really my opinion) but is not as good as my expectation (coming from Lachenal). It as a 3 years warranty which is a strong point and probably a gage of solidity.


The Wren does not have many concurrent so I would say at this price for a very first concertina, this should do it !


The most important aspect for me is the sound and sensitivity. Since I already have a Lachenal at home...I'll stick to it the warm tone and good sensitivity.


Hope that help !

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