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Insurance Question For My Anglo Concertina


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Hello good ole Concertina.net forum. I haven't been here in years!


I've been playing all along, down here in the quiet confines of the Delmarva Peninsula.


A few years ago my dear musician husband passed away and I have recently purchased my own house insurance to which I need to add my instruments on extra extension of coverage.


I have a Suttner A2 Anglo #116 and I need to value a replacement. With a quick search on the internet I did not find anyone in the USA selling these off the shelf. Jürgen is still making these, but the wait is now 2-1/2 years. To me, the price is not just the price when you need immediate replacement and there is that long wait.


How do I present this to the insurance agent at a price to be realistic in the face of potential catastrophe?


It would be great to hear from you again.


~ Jan

Dover, Delaware

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Insurance replacement value is often higher than the current sale price, to reflect the difficulty of sourcing a replacement. If it is something you can simply buy off the shelf that won't be an issue, but for many musical instruments (not only concertinas) it could be difficult to find a close match and when you find one you might have to pay over the odds to acquire it. Most insurance brokers should understand this and provided the uplift is reasonable it shouldn't be a problem.


If you were to get a valuation from a music dealer they will usually ask if it's for insurance and give a higher figure than if it's being valued for sale.

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apropos insurance:


Can any readers of this forum recommend a UK-based insurance company who will

insure a 'collection' of musical instruments?


Apart from my (several) concertinas, I have a rather nice guitar and a melodeon, and I

have recently been getting a bit antsy about whether I should insure them separately

from my general household contents insurance.


Thank you.



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