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has anyone here heard of a piece of software called the amzing slower downer because many people i know have been saying how great it is.

if anyone can tell me what it is please do as it has an interesting name and apparently, an interesting purpose.


Amazing Slow Downer


This is an inexpensive and excellent piece of software which does exactly what it says and more. It will slow down without changing pitch, change pitch without slowing down or speeding up and you can loop sections of the music. You can use .wav files, .mp3 files or directly from the CD player on your computer.


I use it for both working out tunes, rehearsing up to speed, and for transcribing into ABC.


It is available from Roni Music. You can purchase and download from their web site. Just google Amazing Slow Downer


edited to add where you can find it

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I use Transcribe! from Seventh String Software to slow down music and/or change the pitch. It's impeccably well done. The maker of Transcribe! is confident enough in his product to include links on his web site to competing products.


Trust me, if it's slowing down you want to do, Transcribe! is a lot easier to use than Audacity. It's well worth $40.

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I second Michael's endorsement of Transcribe. I really like the feature that I can also change the pitch by exactly how many steps up or down I choose [very handy when trying to learn tunes by ear, and the concertina on the recording is in Bb/F and I'm not! :)]




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