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Wheatstone Anglo C/g 40 Button Concertina

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Concertina is now sold. Private sale.



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Ben's Wheatstone looks very similar to mine (though mine's a hexagonal 6A model, from '53). I just want to put in a word for how nice these sometimes maligned postwar instruments can be. I've never found the eight-fold bellows or extra buttons to be an impediment to playing fast Irish tunes (probably thanks to the aluminum reed shoes, the box is very lightweight), and they're very positive features when you're playing in an odd key, or accompanying a singer. I eventually had the Button Box install a riveted action in mine, but it saw heavy session duty for years before that and never had any trouble keeping up.


I have no interest in the sale; just wanted to share my experience. The Buy It Now price seems very reasonable, and if it's as nice as it looks this could be a great step up for someone, and a very satisfying, versatile concertina.


Bob Michel

Near Philly

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