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Bill Crossland

Lachenal Inimitable English Concertina

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Lachenal Inimitable English Treble Concertina - serial number 19030


A nice instrument, recently restored, it has new pads and valves, and is tuned to modern concert pitch. Unusually for such a high-end instrument, it has a very nice set of brass reeds, rather than steel. It gives it a more mellow tone but has a decent volume, which would make it good for a singer. The ornate bellows are original and in very good condition, as are the flat topped metal buttons.


The current owner has modified the mahogany box so that it has been stored on its side, rather than upright, to prevent the valves from drooping.


Potential buyers are more than welcome to come and play the instrument


Price £725






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Good morning, Bill,

I've just read your advert and I am interested. Do you think we might have a chat via skype or through some personal message? (I haven't figured out what all options of this forum are, sorry).


Thank you in advance


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Hi Adela - I've sent you a private message, if you log into the site you should see the message icon in the top right of the screen.

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