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English 48-Button Concertina Wanted

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I'm new to both the world of playing the concertina and this forum. After having played on a borrowed 20-button Anglo (Amigo, made in Czechoslovakia), I would like to shift to a 48-button English. Which is next to impossible in the Czech Republic (what an irony, isn't it?).


What am I looking for?

English 48-button concertina

playable state (does not to be heavenly, but should be decent)

price max. £900

a carrying box is an adventage

brand? I was recommended Lachenal, but cannot judge myself, really.


There's a hook - I'm not living in the UK, so it might be complicated to come and have a look at the instrument (an say hello) in person, so I would like to kindly ask for some details (pictures, a video if possible) with your possible bids. Covering the shipment fee is a matter of course.


Final note- I'm in Scotland 15/9-22/9. Would there be an offer from the north, it might be feasible to make a face to face meeting. Or if you fancy a "business" trip to Prague? :-)








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Did you see the most recent post?

It looks to be a very good Lachenal http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=19780

and close to your price point. Notice the action is the higher quality Lachenal action. I believe the only better Lachenal action would have been the very rare riveted ones.

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