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Noticeable Vibrations On The Jackie....

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I've just come back from a trip to the shop and I find that some buttons vibrate a lot when pressed - I really feel it through my fingers...


It's really unpleasant and happens only in the notes in the middle (whereas the high notes are weak as usual).

It almost feels as if there was a strain to open and close the bellows.


[edited to add some info]: It's a physical sensation in the fingers, not the buzzing one can have sometimes with the Jackie


Where should I look, what should I look for?


Over a week ago I tried opening the Jackie to install baffles but didn't go further than removing the action box (so I only had access to the reeds, which I didn't touch).


To get in the action box itself there were two tiny screws (more like nails really) that were too deeply set in and seemed brittle when I tried to unscrew them. I didn't want to break anything so I didn't pursue it. I put the things back together without any trouble and have played happily since then.


Any advice would be welcome - unless it is something that just happens ?


Incidentally I've never felt how hard it was to stay in rhythm than the last few days. There is a small delay before some notes, whereas others will respond immediately and surprise me. Did I do something wrong by opening the Jackie?






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