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Hi C-net,


I've just posted a new album of music, available for free online. The album features some instrumentals, songs, and yodels performed by my voice (and occasionally my wife's voice) and my Concertina Connection Peacock. The tracks are on Soundcloud (streaming), and WFMU's Free Music Archive (streaming and download). Hope a few people find it interesting!





steven arntson

Seattle USA

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Steven - Thanks for posting this. I'm really enjoying listening. It's always good to hear other Hayden Duet players. I'm curious about what kind of accordion you used to first write "Evergreen"? I'm a poor CBA player but often find myself going back and forwards between the two instruments and changing the arrangements where necessary.


Do you have any of your music available on sheet?





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Hi Mark,


Thanks for listening! I was using a cheap "child's" accordion at the time, which had fallen into my life somehow, and has since fallen back out. :) The arrangement was actually quite challenging, as what sounded good on the accordion didn't always work so well with the concertina.


I do have sheet music for this album, and just got around to posting it online:






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Steven, thanks for the album, I've really enjoyed it. I like Evergreen too, but Bones is definitely my favorite. And also thank you for the sheet music. I'm slowing learning Hayden duet so this is very nice to have to work with.

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