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I Wish I Was Single Again


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For those venturing into cross-row harmonic-style Anglo here's a transcribed tune that hopefully will prove far easier for you than it initially was for me.


It's from the playing of John Rodd on the Albion Dance Band album "The Prospect Before Us" and is transcribed here for C/G Anglo with Wheatstone/Lachenal accidentals.


In spite of the really difficult stretch to #4a on the right hand side, I found it to be a real eye-opener about learning to not think about the Anglo in rows anymore. More like a demented musical typewriter where the notes you need might be anywhere and in any direction!


I don't want to think how many weeks and months it took to get my fingers and my brain around this little tune, but now it's great fun to play (especially along with the record when all the electric and medieval instruments kick in).






2017-08-03: Uploaded revised pdf.



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Hi Gary - thanks for the new post.


I think that in the first 2 quavers of the piece there should be a line (pull) above the 7 (a) rather than the 6 (g).


As I'm already making adjustments to fit my Jeffries layout I could be wrong but that's how it needs to be done on my Morse anyway!!


Thanks again and all the best.



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Thank you for sharing! A nice tune. I downloaded the sample and my iTunes immediately played it followed by " Can't you feel the love tonight"!!


Haha, had me crackin up. I couldn't help but crack a smile.


By the way, whereabouts on the islands? I was born in Honolulu and was just back in Kona for the month of July.


Aloha Cuz!!

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