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Wooden Ended Jeffries In Flat Keys


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In my time playing, I've come across two different 26 button wooden ended Jeffries in C/G. In both cases, the owners loved them, and I was very impressed with the sound. I'm well set for my C/G concertina, but I've been lusting after a Bb/F and an A/E (or Ab/Eb) for quite some time.


Has anyone ever come across one of those older 26 button wooden Jeffries boxes in Bb/F? I've never seen one myself, maybe they don't exist. But if they are out there, I will be on the hunt! I've heard of one in Ab/Eb (Greg Jowaisas had one) but wasn't looking at the time.



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Hello, sorry to take so long to reply, Yes a 26 Bflat F, it was made at 12 Aldershot Rd, by Charles Jnr, so mid 1920s i imagine, Hobgoblin in Bath had it, i had always thought they were bought in these wooden ended ones, but much to my surprise it is a superb machine, i find the button spacing a bit different to my my others, but the tone is superb, when Theo had a 26 button CG for sale a year or so ago i was so tempted, i don't have a metal ended Jeffries so can't compare, would love one, but they cost more than my house did many years ago.

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