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M. Barr Concertina?


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Advertisements for "M. Barr's Musical instruments" (80 Queen Victoria Street, London EC) can be found in several 1878 issues of English Mechanic and the World of Science, The Fishing Gazette, and The Athletic World. Several of the advertisements are for a single musical instrument--the ocarina. February 1878 (page vi) and March 1878 (page 638) ads in the English Mechanic and the World of Science are for Barr's "Guinea series" of tutors for Banjo, Flute, Cornet, Violin and Guitar . I think that Barr did not publish a tutor for concertina (any system). Right below Barr's ad in the March 8 issue is an advertisement of Charles Roylance's English concertina tutor. If Barr had a Guinea tutor for concertina he certainly would have included it in his ad.

From all indications, this No. 19965 was made by Lachenal & Co.--certainly not by M. Barr, who did not advertise his company as an instrument maker. You mention Lachenal features, but have not indicated if it is an English or Anglo concertina. If Lachenal English, No 19965 would indicate it was made in circa 1875. If Lachenal Anglo, No 19965 would have been made in about 1872. I am guessing it is a 48-key Engish; my fall-back guess is 20-key Anglo. Please let us know.

It certainly is not a Wheatstone; the Wheatstone ledgers show Nos. 19961-19966 were "baritones plain."

If it has pivot action, rather than riveted lever action, we can be fairly confident that it was made by Lachenal & Co. Please let us know.

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Tanks for all that information! It is in fact a 48 key ES with the typical Lachenal action ( bent wire )...

The bellows and straps are good, but it would take a complete restoration to bring it back to playing order - and even then it wouldn't be a decent player due to the Lachenal brass reeds.

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