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What is the best way to hold the concertina? I could use real specific directions with pictures or links to watch. I want to start right and it seems I am holding it inefficiently. Any suggestions will be appreciated

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I'm no one to give advice here - but maybe you could also say which concertina you have?


In the meantime you might want to check those threads:




and many more on the forums.


In my Jackie Concertina Tutor (EC), they say to rest the concertina on the knee, arms close to 90 degrees, raise the knee if needed.

Thumbs inserted to first joint (that's why you should say if you play anglo or EC)...so I'll stop here.


And congratulations!



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Here is a link to a free OAIM video clip with Edel Fox. For most of this clip Edel is holding the concertina on her left knee to keep it stable and using the right hand to move the bellows in and out. Ignore the part where she crosses her legs and puts the concertina on her right knee. I think she is just doing that to make sure the concertina is captured in the camera shot.




You might also consider making a clip of yourself and posting it here. There are many experienced players on this forum who could help you.

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Arms relaxed, elbows bent. I rest the ends on my lap so that the bellows down't chafe. 4 fingers through each strap. Thumb crooked over the top of the strap. Use the side of your thumb to operate the air button. Straps not tight but snug.

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It took me a lot of twiddling to get the straps adjusted to my liking at first. Too loose and there's no control, too tight and you can't reach the buttons. I ended up with the left hand strap slightly snugger than the right hand one, but it may be worth playing around to see what feels right to you.


(I stabilize the left end on my left thigh and mostly move the right end of the concertina, probably because I also started out with those OAIM lessons from Edel Fox, but there doesn't seem to be consensus about that. John Williams' DVD shows him stabilizing the right end and mostly moving the left end. Jody Kruskal, who often posts in this forum, seems to keep both ends moving with the bellows across his left thigh when he plays sitting down.)

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