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Bellows Papers - Paper Quality?

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I haven't found the specs for the type of paper to use, for example its thickness, composition, etc.


I've seen people talking about book binding paper but that doesn't seem to narrow it down to one sort in particular?


Yes, I'm playing with the idea of adding a personal touch to my Jackie as I'm likely to keep it for years!



I know you can order bellows papers with traditional patterns but as it is a Jackie I thought maybe I could design the pattern myself.


Apologies if the information is elsewhere already! (and I'll be sure to use the right glue as I see someone has had a bit of an accident with it...)




Thank you,






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post-536-0-97192200-1501061156_thumb.jpgHere are some I made myself. Maybe not the correct or best way but they are holding up fine thus far. I used 100g/sm good quality printing paper and then laser printed the design on.I gave them a coat of lacquer and fixed them on to the bellows with flour paste.It is important that they are either printed traditionally or laser printed.regards David.


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I did a lot of research into bellows papers and found that Dave Elliots papers are unbeatable. The quality of the paper is amazing and the design is printed in gold leaf (or something similar) instead of ink. You can buy them from here https://concertina-spares.com/product/premium-bellows-papers-by-david-elliott/?v=79cba1185463


Here's a sample from my Wheatstone - P7070328.jpg

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