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English For ~750 Usd

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Hello Dave,


I take it he's already considered the Jackie/Jack from Concertina Connection? If not, I'll take the liberty of trying to sum up here...


[PS] Actually it might help if you give more details - his experience, etc?




  • affordable (around) 420$ I think
  • can be entirely refunded if he upgrades
  • buttons have same layout and spacing as on a "real" EC so what he learns is transferable
  • gets him to play and learn without having to wait for year to come up with more money (I know people can say that of a lot of "cheap" instruments but I think in this case the Jack/Jackie is a "real" instrument)


  • there is a reason you'll read a lot about people very quickly upgrading to a better instrument, so even if he's broke and / or only six months into it, chances are he'll be already dreaming of upgrading!!

Beginner here so my input won't be super enlightened. Bottom line: I have a Jackie, it's cheers me up even just to think about it when I'm at work, I've just started trying to learn "properly", and given the chance I would definitely go for a better instrument!


But I bet that if your friend has ever laid his hands on anything better, chances are he won't want to go for a Jackie/Jack.

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