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Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

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At my gig last night a 5 year old boy walked up to me and pointed at my concertina:

"You get some good music out of that thing. Looks like a caterpillar with buttons".

I told him the name and to repeat it. He did and then said "I like caterpillars better but you can call it what you want."

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Hi, Randy,

Yes, children are by far the best fans!


Even the present crop of little Digital Natives, like my grandson. Music for them is mostly something that comes out of a device with and ON/OFF button.


A couple of years ago, when my grandson was 2, we grandparents spent a holiday in Tuscany with the young family. After the obligatory daily siesta, I would go out into the garden and play my Waldzither (the instrument I was concentrating on at the time). Little Patrick was usually the first to join me, and seemed to enjoy what I was doing. After a while, I'd practised enough, and laid the instrument aside, but Patrick pointed to it and said, "ON!" So I played him another tune, and when I had finished, he again pointed to the instrument and said "ON!"


It takes a lot of applause from an adult audience to give you the satisfaction that that gave me!




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