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Two Good Concertina Teachers At Catskills Irish Arts Week


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Just had a week of classes with Caitlin Nic Gabghann and Brenda Castles. Of course both are excellent players (check out Brenda's new CD ) but I also found them to be supportive, patient, understanding teachers. Both were able to clearly describe and demonstrate ornamentation. They also made the classes a fun learning experience. Thanks to Caitlin & Brenda!

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I had classes with both teachers last week as well, though maybe not the same classes as beryl. Either Brenda or Caitlin would have been well worth the 8-hour drive to East Durham, and the chance to learn from both for a whole week was fabulous. Tons of very solid content delivered with patience and good humor. Awesome. BTW, if you happen to be in the Maine/New Hampshire area, Brenda will be in Portland, Maine tomorrow night (at Blue) along with Caitlin's sister, Bernadette (fiddle) and Eileen Gannon (harp). The three are in Durham, NH Thursday night.

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Let me add a plug from my wife for the third teacher, Doug Barr. He did the beginner's class with tact and a good sense of humour. Priscilla got a lot out of it and is playing the tunes all the time since we got back. I heard Caitiin in one of the concerts but missed Brenda.


Sorry I didn't run into any of you C.netters; I was in beginner pipe classes, which were in a venue separate from the other pipers and concertinists.



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