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Wtb: Bastari Square 67B Hayden Duet Concertina Bandoneon


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Like the title says, looking for the big square Bastaria Hayden. I'm expanding my collection of Hayden/Wicki instruments. I have an Elise, a Beaumont, Stagi hex, searching for the right Wheatstone, and having a certain maker build me more...


This purchase is for my music education non-profit, so I'll be loaning the instrument out to musicians who can borrow it for gigs and recordings. I know these aren't the smoothest players, so I figure some of the folks who own them must have them mostly sitting in a closet doing nothing, so if that's you, rest assured I can put it to work getting played regularly and introducing novices to the world of concertinas. I'm based in Montreal, but also have an address in Paris I can have it sent to if you're in Europe, or Bogota if you're down south. Hope we can make a deal to get it out of the closet and playing!

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I've only been aware of two bouncing around this side of the puddle. One, I think, is on the west coast (at least it was 20 years ago when I lost track of it) and the other is owned by Mike Knudsen in Maine ("ragtimer" of this forum, although he hasn't posted in over 5 years). I don't know to what extent he's still playing it.

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