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Tune :- "the Schooner Rag"


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I learnt a tune called 'The Schooner Rag' from a chap at Sidmouth FF say, 33years ago. He wrote the tune & was a good Anglo player and worked at the maritime museum in Boston Mass.

I still play the tune, and want to credit the chap. So if anyone knows who it was please let me know.

Thanks Phil 'Willum' N.Cornwall UK

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I believe the "Philistine" is Ian Robb, a very fine folklorist, singer and concertinist in his own right. Unlikely to be disrespecting the music, perhaps just trying to preserve his hearing. It's a glorious, but loud and strident, growl coming from those two concertinas, and in very close proximity to his head!

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Does anyone know who I could contact to find sheet music/notation for this? This is a bit more complicated than I can sound out by ear. I would miss too much of the nuance in the harmony parts.

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What is Bob playing? It looks like a recent build, but I thought Bob played Maccann so is somebody making new Maccanns?

Since no one else has chimed in, I remember him telling me, one of the last times I saw him, that it was a custom order. I'm thinking from Dipper, but can't recall for certain.



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