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Wheatstone Model 24 English Concertina For Sale

Dan Worrall

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Wheatstone Model 24 56 key English concertina, serial number 30702, built 1925. From the 1925 Wheatstone catalog:


Best nickel-plated Raised Ends, spherical end silver keys and finger plates to match, best steel vibrators, morocco leather five-fold bellows, keys and tops bushed, new improved action, short touch and rapid articulation. Powerful tone. Fifty-six keys, G to G.


I purchased this instrument in the early 1980s from Fred Oster of Vintage Instruments, Philadelphia, at the suggestion of Alistair Anderson, who tipped me off to its existence. I played it extensively in sessions and for contra dances for years. In 1997, Steve Dickinson refurbished it with new pads and bushings, a new 6-fold bellows and finger straps, and a fine new case. By the early 2000s, I began to switch over to Anglo, and it now sits a bit forlorn on my shelf, having been my best music friend for many years. It is in wonderful shape and plays superbly, and the words “powerful tone” above are no joke – it can cut through a crowd. Full of snap. Time for someone else to enjoy it.


$3,300 plus postage, payment via Paypal. Contribution to C.net if sold here.






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Judging from my own - recently acquired - Model 24 (serial number in the 28 thousands) specimen I can emphatically approve this information.


If not sold, this might be a chance not to miss, as these concertinas seem to be a special thing, loud but clear (and sligthly "nasal"), with a great dynamic range and thus very well capable of producing more subtle sounds as well...


I went for an Aeola but am quite happy with where I ended up.

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I have owned one of these for a very long time (28,000 serial number) and can vouch for their qualities.


I have swapped to try out a few friend's Aeolas: they have all been amazed by its fast response and clear tone.


If you are hoping for an Aeola, consider this instead!



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