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Square Ended Anglo Cg 30 Button By Tedrow

Dan Worrall

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Hi all,


I'm selling my Tedrow 30 button Harley-inspired CG. Bob Tedrow built it; it is one of only two or three of his Harley-inspired Anglos. I had it tuned in quarter comma meantone so that the chords would be sweet. Here Bob describes it and posts some audio clips (mine is the one in meantone tuning):




I had visions of playing this period-type square-ender for some Civil War re-enactors dances, but that never happened! A square-ended Anglo very like this one in appearance is at the Gettysburg museum in Pennsylvania.


Attached below (and in Bob Tedrow's article) are some photos.


It is in nearly mint condition. The hybrid reeds are efficient and the action is fast. No case, but I'm including the casual soft case that I used for it. Price $2000 plus shipping and insurance, payment via PayPal. Contribution to c.net if it is sold here.






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Is this instrument Wheatstone or Jeffries Layout? Or some variation?


I do see mention of "German fingering" in the quote from the Harley advert, but I assume that just meant Anglo (Anglo-German) system rather than English system.

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