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Recommend Affordable Bandoneon Repair?

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I recently picked up a 38b German bandoneon, cute little thing, on eBay. It needs some work, though the reeds look reasonably good and the action just needs some tweaking, bellows maybe more so.


Can anyone recommend anyone (preferably in Europe or North America) who can do bandoneon repair, and who doesn't cost a huge amount for such an inexpensive instrument as I have?

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Uwe Hartenhauer is reasonable. I've used him for my repairs and he is easy to work with, quick turn around and is easy to communicate with. Even though the instrument may be inexpensive, having it repaired/restored by a well known luthier can add a good amount of value to the instrument. Also having a well maintained instrument makes learning so much easier. I have yet to find a person in the North America who does these repairs. Though I have heard there may be a group of chemnitzer concertina players around Minnesota who may be able to do it (search for the United States Concertina Association group on facebook).

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