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Wheatstone Aeola For Sale

Sandy Winters

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This Concertina is Sold.....


Selling my beloved Model 4E metal ended Aeola. Bought from Chris Algar around 2001 then refurbished by Wim Wakker in 2003. He repadded,valved, tuned and upgraded to his post and rivet action.


Very loud and orchestral tone with lightning quick action. Perfectly tuned.


Here's a link to a private page on my website with photos and video. http://www.goldbugproducts.com/Wheatstone4E.htm


This really is an outstanding instrument and I hate to sell it. Asking $3000. PM me or email me directly at sew@goldbugproducts.com


Of course, a donation will be made to Concertina.net.

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This Concertina is sold....


Still needing to sell my Aeola. Adding direct link to youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1pJEPKEUb0


Link on the original post still has lots of photos and original description.


Asking $3000 or anything reasonably close. Free shipping within USA

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