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Stagi Mini 18-Button English For Sale

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Trying this again! I am selling my Stagi mini-English with 18-buttons, in like-new condition, with hard case (see photos). This instrument was acquired from the Button Box a few years ago and consequently passed through their “Stagi tuning and maintenance process” that includes checking for leaks, tuning all reeds, checking (and, if necessary, repairing) the action, adjusting valves, and adjusting the reed set. It plays very well and the action is smooth and tight (i.e., no loose buttons, nothing wobbly or rattling). New online they cost in the range of $595 to $649. I am asking $350 and will cover shipping. As noted above, it is in nearly new condition with only a few minor blemishes. I am selling this instrument because my hands are too big for it and I only rarely play it. Please let me know if you have questions, or would like sound clips or additional photos. I will donate 2 percent of the selling price to Concertina.net. Thanks!






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Dang it! But on the bright side, turns out Greg Jowaisas has a very reasonably small Mayfair English, so I got that as my consolation prize. :)

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