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Wheatstone Hayden Duet And Dipper Miniature Anglo Fs

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As to Adrian’s question about the slant, I just played with it in photoshop and convinced myself that the angles are identical. The illusion is caused not by camera angle, but by the placement of the two extra buttons below the bottom full row.


I am seriously interested in this instrument (I have had a deposit with Mr. Dickinson on one since 1989). I will PM Sqz to talk numbers. I am in Boston right now for the Early Music Festival, but won’t have time to visit before I have to leave tomorrow morning.


[Edited for typo]

Edited by David Barnert

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Mini ango sold, Hayden duet still available.


Thanks for diverse inquiries, advice, humorous private messages (some of which really needed to be private!), etc. Contribution sent to site manager, and new owner of anglo seems happy - and can play it much better than I ever could. Good all around.


I may be moving house in a month or so, and would be packing the duet away into climate-controlled storage. If anyone's seriously interested, please PM in the next week or two.


Thanks again to all!

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