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I am a beginner with the English concertina and in my search for appropriate music to practise with I came across a website which provides a tune a day with free sheet music and accompanying MP3. The site is: https://www.flutetunes.com/.

While the site is designed for flute, the tunes also work well for concertina.

They have an enormous library of tunes which can be searched by Title, Composer, Instrumentation, Category, Difficulty or Key.

I have found the site really useful, so thought that other players might also like to know about it.


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Welcome to C-net, a place where you'll find friendly people with helpful advice. At least I've found it like that for the last few years so hoping to see you around here again. Thanks also for the link, at first look it seems like a useful site with quite a range of music. I'll be going back to download a few pieces.


Cheers Steve.



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thank you for that link! Makes me wish I had more high notes though!



[EDIT for additional info] :


You can use Advanced Search to select pieces within a certain range, with highest note, lowest note, etc...


very useful if you don't want to spend hours browsing every music sheet. Wish I'd noticed earlier :blink:

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Thanks for the link to the flute tunes, Pythagoras. I guess it really has the right angle on things (sorry!). I particularly liked the relatively easy duets. Since Steve Wilson parted with his Duet Concertina and bequeathed it to me, I have been struggling to find sheet music which is appropriate, especially with my so far pedestrian capacity on the instrument, but some of the duets look eminently achievable, and in sensible keys, too!

So, thanks, and hi , Steve!

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