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High Quality Hexagonal Wooden Concertina Case

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I'd like to offer for sale high quality wooden hexagonal concertina cases. I'm a professional box maker and a concertina player. I've been making the wooden parts (less laser-cut fretwork ) for the Button Box concertinas since their introduction. I recently received an inquiry for a concertina case, and I decided to go ahead and make a prototype of a case I've had in mind for many years.


There are many challenges to making a good hexagonal wooden case. As many have identified, the case should be native horizontal, unlike the antiques. Any musical instrument case should be light in weight. This requires thin wood, and so excellent joinery to be strong. My case weights a bit less than the inexpensive conventional square cases sold by the Button Box.


My prototype is made from butternut with ebony banding. It also has an ebony latch. The latch is designed to close and latch passively, so if the case is closed it's automatically latched . I can easily substitute a conventional brass latch, or if preferred, two of them. I haven't completed the lining yet. I'll be evaluating ultasuede, with rayon velvet and leather also in the running.


The highlight of the case is sides that are dovetailed to the endplates. The case is very attractive, and it makes no secret of what's inside it. At it's required cost it won't be for everyone, but I'm hoping there will be enough interest for me to make a batch of them.


I also do intricate inlay work, so I can personalize your case as you wish. See http://www.alladd.com/custom-boxes/inlay/index.html for examples of my work.


I'm thinking about $450 as a starting price. I'd be interested to hear people's suggestions, and the general level of interest in such an item from the concertina community.





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I really like the look of this! Well done!


The passive catch is very clever, and has a tidy look about it, but I'm concerned how easily the latch might release if bumped while carrying? I'm afraid I always bump my case about, no matter how hard I try not to! What about durability of that latch with repeated use? Of course you already mention that a brass catch or two would be available as an option instead, although I admit they would look less elegant.


One small detail, I hope the blocking allows for the concertina to be placed in a position rotated 60 degrees from that shown, so that the instrument can be lifted directly from the case by inserting your hands into the straps in playing position, and returned directly to the case the same way? I find this helps me avoid the temptation to set the concertina down on uncertain surfaces between uses, particularly if changing instruments during a set of tunes.


And of course, the price is a sticking point, although I fully appreciate the you deserve it. So probably not for me today, but maybe some day if the right instrument comes along to justify it!

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As an amature woodworker myself I can really appreciate your work.


Is it possible to design such as case with a very small compartment

where one can store very small tools (one very small screw driver, for

example) a small hygrometer etc. Such a compartment, of course,

should be able to "breath" with the concertina chamber. Such a

chamber could be on one of the hexagona sides, I suppose, and only

increase the lenth by a 1/2 inch or so.


I realize that this would increase the price, but it could tip the balance

in my own mind to make such a purchase. For me it is a real need.


Nice work, Noel

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I like butternut, but I'd be drooling if it were cherry! I know some may think the price high, but nothing compared to what you are putting in it. I'd be inclined to add the ebony binding to the clamshell split. It is not an invisible joint, so you may as well highlight it. I really like the delicacy of the ebony.

On my pelican case, I put all my tools in cutouts the back side of the top foam, so you don't see them until you want them. I could imagine a cutout in the bottom wall and a nice bondhus #4 imbedded in it.

I don't see anything insecure about the latch which is quite nice. You could possibly alter it so it opened in two stages so if it were bumped on an admittedly difficult surface to bump, it would only open to the first click.

Very nice work!


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I have a hexagonal horizontal case, which I was using for a while for my Wheatstone G-D Anglo. I eventually stopped using it because it is bulkier and much heavier than the cubical steel case that came with that concertina. I forget whether I have told its story here before. A young woman had made it for her concertina but found she had made it too small and needed to start again. At a concertina weekend she offered it for the cost of materials, which I think was £30, and I bought it. I couldn't refer anyone interested to her because I immediately lost her details.


An additional reason for preferring the original steel case is that it has blocks, which are absent from the wooden one: see pictures.


It is disappointing that the only responses to the OP were praise, with no-one saying "Yes please, make one for me". His website https://www.alladd.com/index.html seems to be still current.



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I forgot to attach the pictures.
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