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Repair Help Need - Reed Not Talking (Melbourne, Australia)

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Hi everyone, hopeing someone can help me. I picked up my late 1920s Lachenal Anglo concertina for the first time in a long time, only to find that the A note on the bottom row of the right side is only a squeak and the bellows are very stiff and pulled want to be pulled much at all (and I certainly haven't tried to force it).


My concertina has always been stored in a hard case, and I'm working if some fluff or cat hair has still managed to find it way in there. I do have David Elliot's Concertina Maintenance manual but to be completely honest I'm really reluctant to open up my concertina and do anything in case I make it worse.


Can anyone please recommend someone that might be able to help me with repairs? (I'm in Melbourne, Australia) or someone who could help talk me through it via skype or the like? Now that life has settled down again I'd really like to get back in playing.


All help appreciated. :)



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Hello Morgana,


I don't know of anyone in Melbourne who does repairs. Best dealt with yourself because this happens from time to time. If you skype me I'll talk you through it. I'm chris.ghent on skype. Txt me on 0402 411 552 to arrange a time.

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