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Wtb: Cheapish Hybrid 40B Anglo For Rebuild Project


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I have a re-reeding project in mind, that calls for a donor 40b hybrid-reed box, like any Italian/Germany/Chinese cheapie. I realize a 40b will sell for more than a 30b that sells for more than a 20b, but for my purposes condition is pretty immaterial as long as it has vaguely-working bellows and the body is solid and keywork functional.


I'm in Montreal, but am often in the US and have friends in Europe who can courier packages for me, so open to buying from any of those areas, or a good deal globally.

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Just a quick question, Because I'm interested in finding out how to do it. Did you build a rig to tune the reeds?


I know some of the guides (if your professional) Then to use a blower in the other room.... but for amateurs like me (and I presume you), Bellows on a wood block might be optimal.


regardless, didn't mean to hijack the thread, just curious how you do it.

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