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Cute Lachenal 20-Key Miniature For Sale


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Several years ago I couldn't resist to buy this little beauty. When I was asked for a piccolo recently I ended up selling it reluctantly to a lady in Britain.


However she had expected it to finger like a piccolo ( one octave above treble ).

Now she is not happy that it fingers like the upper half of a treble ( starting on right hand C ).

It lives in a cute Mahogany-box with brass-handle:


Before the little one returns to Germany I would like to offer it here.

I have never seen anything like it and - in fact - I wouldn't be too sad to take it back...


For more details and pics see http://www.concertinas.de/concertinas


PS: Should anybody know of a real piccolo for sale, please let me know!

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Give us a price guide please Robbie...... By PM if you'd prefer,


Best regards,



PS; thinking about it... as it is effectively half of a normal Treble .... then perhaps it should be half the price ? :)

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Err. About that fingering chart.... I think of C being on the left side. Straighten out my thinking please...


This is the upper part of the keyboard ' starting on the first C on the right side' of a normal 48 treble. :)

Ah! Strange register....

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