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Who Can "hot Rod" A Stagi Hayden For Me? (Can Compensate You)

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Long/short, I'm living in Montreal now and looking to start a "musical instrument lending library" where people can pay a deposit slightly exceeding the eBay-able value of an instrument, borrow it for 30 days, and return it for full refund minus a small fee for admin/maintenance.


For those purposes, I'm buying cheap-ish instruments that are less likely to be stolen and hocked, *but* I'm willing to put money into improving them and making them more durable, since a $600 Stagi Hayden with $300 or work would still only sell on eBay for $600. So even if it's "not cost effective" I'm interested in upgrading some import boxes for use as rentals.


I just bought a Stagi Hayden yesterday on eBay (did I outbid anyone here?), so that'd be a good place to start.


Do we have any members in the US or Canada who are able and willing to "hot rod" say my Stagi and my Elise to make them smoother players and tougher, for use as rentals? I'd be happy to compensate you for time and parts, either with money, or if you prefer with a gift card, or buy you some piece of hobby gear you've had your eye on so would enjoy getting guilt-free.


Please let me know if interested, and also if anyone has *any* old hybrid concertinas that are playable but could use some work (old Stagis, cheapie pearloid Italians, Scholers, etc) please let me know as I'd be interested in buying them off you and using them as rentals in Montreal, and/or once I register this as a non-profit I may be able to offer tax credit on donations. Very excited to be out popularizing concertinas soon!

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I have a Concertina Connection Elise for sale that has already been customised. This particular instrument was purchased new from and hot rodded by Robert Tedrow of Homewood Music. Bob is one of a few concertina builders in the U.S. and makes some of the finest instruments available. Bob customized this new instrument for me by modifying the air hole, making the keys quieter, adjustments to the actions and individually re-tuning all the reeds. I paid $650 for this upgraded Elise with shipping and $75 for a hard case. I would sell it for $475 It plays and sound sweet. Also comes with a Tutor, written specifically for the Hayden Duet.

I purchase this instrument with the intent of learning to play a Hayden Duet. I gave it a few months, but decided to stick with the Anglo concertina. This instrument plays easier and sounds better than off the shelf Elise's.

I also have a used Concertina Connection Rochelle for sale if your interested in Anglo's. This instrument has bellow papers added to give it a little custom look. Would sell for $335, including a soft case.


I can send pictures of both instruments to an email address. For whatever reason, I can't seem to attach pics to this message?




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C.net member Bob Tedrow (web site: http://hmi.homewood.net) used to do a job on Bastari Haydens that he called “hot rodding.” More than just refurbishing and “tuning up,” he really made better instruments out of them. His last post to c.net was last October, so I don’t know if he’s reading this now, but he might be worth getting in touch with. Of course, Stagi Haydens have a non-standard button layout (the angles and distances between the buttons), and it’s unlikely Bob will be able to remedy that.

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