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Any Skype Teachers? Anglo

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hey, ive been playing concertina about 6 months.


I'm obviously not anywhere near good.



all of the books ive been getting...


are kinda... missing pieces of the full puzzle...


I am picking up a bit from all of them though. and most all, through this site.


Its starting to all add up.


but I need a teacher.


​To show me what they have learned and any major hurdles they have come across. Also, anything they have learned to make learning this anglo easier. It would be the biggest mistake ever, to not find one at this point, because this is such a fascinating instrument & one I fully want to pursue.



I can afford around $100 for four 1/2 hour sessions a month.


All the details can be fine tuned though.


please let me know if you know a good teacher or if you are willing to help.





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by the way.


you don't have to be an expert, id just like you to have 5+ years on you. (my only criteria)


(from what I understand.... the first 5 years are the hardest)


concertina players are a rare breed. (imho) And teachers of them, are even far more rare.


maybe you can learn something from me *shrug*



I don't care what device it is, facebook, skype or w/e.... hopefully in the interview, you may accept me.



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With regard to your inquiry, I would suggest you get in touch with Florence Fahy. She does lessons by Skype (or has in the past). Florence has a website you can check out: Concertinachick.com


I took her Anglo classes at the SE Tionol spring event for several years and I was very pleased with both her teaching style and her tune selections. So I would highly recommend her to you.


Ross Schlabach

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  • 1 month later...



If you can get personal Skype lessons, great and go for it!


And if you wanted to supplement that, does anyone have an opinion about OAIM? (online Academy of Irish Music)


I find it very reasonably priced. As a beginner myself (with even less under my belt than the OP), I wouldn't know but I have found the first few lessons very helpful (and I have an EC whereas the lessons are all for Anglo concertinas) as it approaches technical aspects in small bites and you get to go back to the material as many times as you want.


I would never say it replaces a "live" teacher but I thought it was something to know.


Maybe more seasoned players could pitch in about that?

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I have been taking from Flo over skype for a couple of years and she is great. I also took a lesson from her in person when I had only been playing a month - and she was really a good teacher for both levels. She definitely teaches the Irish style. She is clear in her instruction and has an amazing ear, even over skype, to catch little stylistic bad habits. If you are looking to eventually include ornaments, octave playing, chords, etc, she will definitely get you off on the right foot.


Best of luck and have a blast!

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