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Anyone Got Some Accordion-Style Reeds For Sale?

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Hi everyone,


I'm hoping to buy a set of accordion-style reeds to play around in some (more) home made concertina schemes.


Last time I wanted a set I got them from Harmonikas.cz but it was a bit of an ordeal so I figured I'd see if anyone had some they were interested in selling before I put myself through that again.


In an ideal world I'd be after a set for a GD instrument, but would possibly be interested in anything - 20 or 30 key, GD, CG, whatever else is out there. Or alternatively a cruddy dead concertina that I could pull accordion-style reeds from would also be interesting.


Much obliged on the off-chance you can help,


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If you want a set of new reeds, I suspect you could ring up the Button Box and they'd assemble a set of exactly what reeds you ask for, provided they're within the normal G/D anglo realm. You'd be paying for new reeds plus import duty to the UK, though, so this may wind up more expensive than your project budget. On the other hand, you'd probably save a lot of time over trying to assemble what you need from one or more melodeons. Depends what's more valuable to you :)


(UK-based hybrid makers may well be willing to do the same and it's totally worth calling around; I suggest the Button Box because I know they deal in higher volume than most hybrid makers and thus tend to just have 10-20 G/D reed sets (and more for C/G instruments) on hand, sorted, and ready to go at any given time, so it would likely be simple and fast for them to help you.)

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Hi everyone, thank you for taking the time to respond.


Chris, good point about the melodeons. My very limited experience in the past has given me to suppose that the accordion-style reeds fitted into cheap concertinas sound a nicer than actual diatonic accordion reeds when installed in a concertina. I currently have one set accordion of reeds from Harmonikas, and another set that came out of a massive garish pink and green plastic concertina thing, and I much prefer the sound of the latter, despite the former being newer and presumably better made. Strange huh?


But I will give the melodeon forum a try though, as if I can get a set cheap enough, it's worth it just to investigate the possibility.


Theo, Charlie is good, I've bought a couple of reeds from him before when I had an almost occult desire for a D# on a CG box. The cost starts to water eyes when you look at buying a whole instrument's worth of reeds as individuals, though. Also, the above sentiment stands, as I put the reeds I bought from him in an instrument otherwise full of accoridion-type reeds of crappy concertina origin, and they're the least pleasant-sounding in the box.


Wayman, Button Box is an excellent idea, I hadn't thought of looking your side of the pond.


Thanks again everyone,


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