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david robertson

Source Of Dark Green Leather?

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I've been asked to repair some badly damaged bellows from an early Wheatstone, but my usual supplier doesn't have any dark green leather to match the original.

It needs to be around 0.5mm thick for gussets, valleys and top runs, and I'm happy to cut and skive it myself (and to adjust the colour by blending dyes), but has anyone found a reliable source, please?

The other problem is with the white, green and gold papers. Because these early Wheatstone belows have such a big inset, the outermost papers are much deeper than the rest, and all of them are a few mm shorter than the widely available reproductions. Does anyone reproduce these odd sizes?

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This place should be able to sort you out.


Leather4Craft Limited

Unit 1, Norton Road,


East Sussex





And they do have 0.5mm leather in stock. We use it for Musette bellows





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Alas, you are in the U.K. My supplier is specializing in bookbinding leather custom manufactured to his specs, a fair variety. I use his smooth historical goat. I think he exports. He is third generation in the leather biz. I bought my first leather from his dad on South Street in Boston. He had a big business in California for many years, but moved to North Carolina after a heart attack and decided to specialize in book binding leathers. It is all excellent quality, most of it archival tanned and prices are quite good compared to people who are just retailers. Check him out.


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