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Mark Evans

Eddy And His Only Friends

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Howdy All,


Eddy And His Only Friends will be a ridin' into Avon, Massachusetts on Saturday, February 5th 'round 8:00 p.m. a' pickin', sangin' an' a' squeezin' at Blanchard's Tavern (museum and waterin' hole servin' Colonial fare from the 1780). There'll be a fire in the hearth, and us sharin' our particular brand of insanity. No cover and children welcome. Ya'll come! BlanchardsTavern.com


If that ain't enough ta make ya' a teatotaler, Eddy And His Only Friends (better known in local bluegrass circles as Oh No Not That -deleted- Band) will be raisin' a cloud a' dust on the horizon on their way ta' Cambridge, Massachusetts and the still operational Plough and Stars, Saturday, February 12th from 5:00-7:30 p.m. Ploughand Stars.com. Now they don't allow no children in there (with good reason). Ya'll come anyhow!


They call me (at least to my face) "The Squeeze" an' I'll be a' playin my Morse, a thwangin' on my banjo an' a' hollerin' my head off...Yee-Haw! :blink:

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Howdy, again...


As most music folks in the Cambridge area are aware, the Plough and Stars barely escaped closin' it's doors. This weekend has turned into a rip-roarin' fund raiser! Eddy and the boys will be on from about 6:00-7:15, before us there will be a number of bands and after us groups will be doing 45 minute sets up till 11:30 ( gotta keep those apartment dwellers from across the road from gettin' their hind-ends in a bind).


Anyhoo, that's what's sposed' ta be goin' on.


Gonna be a rather ecclectic blend ah' reckon

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