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H.crabb Eglish Concertina From The 60-Ies


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I am selling my Treble Crabb English concertina, serial 18081, as i don't play it so often anymore. I bought it new around 1966 from H. Crabb himself. in those days he offered aluminum sides instead of the fancy cutted chrome ones at a slightly lower price, nevertheless the sound is still fabulous and tuning is fine. All reeds, leathers etc. are too, with no rust on reeds or mold and the instrument is not leaky, just as Mr Crabb told me then it would be for at least 20 years to come if i kept it away from moist, cleaned the bellow folds at times, and warm it up coming in from the cold especially, to avoid condense settling on the reeds etc. before playing. In the past i took it to gigs and used in theater circumstances, so it shows some signs of wear, but no damages apart from light scratches etc. I'm looking for a fair price offer, and then maybe a deal. PS the original case is present, in good condition, but has stickers on it. Location The Hague, Netherlands.







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Meanwhile i sold it, but it got 'lost' during transport by either Postnl, or DPD France or some company in France called Chronopost. I consider it as stolen.

The theft set buyer and me back quite a bit .


The serial is 18081. If any one knows where it is, please PM me or mail me privately at jackd_123 - AT - Mail - dot - com.

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Oh yes  Wolf, this is  very unfortunate  indeed.    


Many of us have  sent   and received   concertinas  through  the postal services, not just  for  selling and buying but  sending for  repair too.


I have used Chronopost  in France  and  never had a problem  but always  when  sending  an item across borders  there  appears to be  a   black hole  that the tracking  system  disappears  into.

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7 minutes ago, Geoff Wooff said:

but always  when  sending  an item across borders  there  appears to be  a   black hole  that the tracking  system  disappears  into.


Geoff, my experiences vary - with Royal Mail (?) / UPS (shipped by Chris Algar) everything worked out incredibly fine and transparent right up to the point where the parcel had (actually overnight) reached the local subsiduary (of UPS), only to have fake "attempts" of delivery and more annoying things from then on, where as Royal Mail "Global Priority" / Parcel Force / GLS turned out to be horrible in the middle part (which was in the hands of Parcel Force I reckon): no advances visible for almost a week (on the next day I would have started an inquiry, all the more as "live tracking" failed to provide valid informations too).


Always sort of a nail-biter, but now even more so... ?


Best wishes - ?

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Wolf,  I agree it is always  a nail-biter  at  some stage.


During the  first years of the 'banking  de-regulation'  which affected, more importantly,  the insurance industry , I  had to send  expensive new instruments  to far off places  without  insurance cover  because  the courrier  companies  were  not allowed  to  supply  that service  any more. Unless I  organised  a  business  insurance which would cover  me for  any eventuality... of course at a huge  expense.  Sending a  € 15,000  set of  Uilleann Pipes to Japan  without parcel  insurance  was some  frightfull  experience!!


These days  I insist  my customers    collect  their  instruments .


  My  current concertinas   were  collected  or delivered  by  hand  and I  don't want  to  ever send them  as they  are  close to   'status unobtainium'.


I do hope  Fiddler2007  gets some resolution  to the problem.

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I just looked at that Ebay link and found the sale is ended with this note:


PLEASE NOTE: SALE IS TEMPORARY ON HOLD, awaiting a financial transaction from a buyer promising to pay within that period, until 02 JANUARI 2019. email me via paypal or ebay, if you have made any payments; i will refund ASAP.

The item location is shown as:  s-Gravenhage, Netherlands

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