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Gig Bag Football Results

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Select results from this season:

Gigbag Strap Failure 4 - Your beautiful concertina 0
Fretwork Confetti 3 - Concert Appearance 0
Oh, I thought it would be safe 0 - Trashed Ends 2
Bent Buttons 1 - Gig Bag Happy 0
Total Rebuild 2 - Distresed Owner 0
Cut 'n Shut Superglue Bodge 0 - Gig Bag Complacency 2

Please, please, please don't, DON'T put your multi-thousand pound instrument in a picnic bag with a fancy badge and ideas above its station. Always use a proper, fitted case with blockings.

Remember, proper case forgetty: fretwork end confetti

Edited by John Dipper
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I have a proper case that has one proper latch. While walking down to a session, the latch caught on my coat and the case opened its maw. No damage---the wee beastie stayed put---(but oh, my nerves!). I'm going to install another latch just in case...


Thanks for the reminder.



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I couldn't have expressed my thoughts with such sparkling wit, but I completely agree with the message John is presenting. I get asked to repair far too many concertinas with serious damage that would have been prevented if the concertina travelled in a good hard case.

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As I suggested in the thread "Stolen Concertina" ,posted in the public announcements section, perhaps the thief was after the sports bag with the fancy name or the camera that lived in it along with the concertina ?


So perhaps another reason to have a dedicated ( proper ) case .

Edited by Geoff Wooff
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