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Morse Beaumont (Hayden Duet) 52 Button


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Hello Everyone,

After several years of being rarely played, I have made the difficult decision to sell my concertina. I dislike being a quitter, but I play too many other instruments to give this beautiful instrument the time it deserves.

I am the original owner of #1082. It was manufactured in the spring of 2013, and has probably been played less than 60 hours since then. Still very much in excellent condition.

I hope I'm not being unreasonable looking for $3000 US or approximately $3800 CAD. Original price was $3850 US.

I am located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. A 2.5 hour drive from border crossings at Detroit or Buffalo. Anyone is welcome to come play it.

http://www.buttonbox.com/morse-beaumont.html- The button box website has excellent sound samples and pictures.

I have never posted before, but I have enjoyed the discussions a lot. It was the postings on Concertina.Net that informed me enough to be confident in purchasing this concertina.


James Fraser






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FYI, I'm very interested. I need to decide if it's a Beaumont or a Peacock I want, and I need to sell my CBA to get the money, but getting a better Hayden hybrid is a major priority for me just now.

James, I know you're not on the site very often, would it be worth us exchanging emails? (CNet commission still due, of course).

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Hello Daniel thank you for your advice! I have contacted them and they have given me a few options around the range of what I'm asking. I still would rather sell it directly to a musician.

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