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Dating A Lachenal From The Serial Number


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15 hours ago, JimR said:

Could it be 15202?

Could be, Jim. But a number that low would set it firmly in the Louis Lachenal period, and by the looks of the photo it seems more modern.


14 hours ago, chris rowe said:

Lachenal 32 key (2 bird calls) anglo, rosewood fine fret S/no 111199


11 hours ago, chris rowe said:

48 key Tutor S/no 20594

Chris -

32 key (2 bird calls) anglo S/no 111199 estimated as circa 1890.

48 key Tutor S/no 20594 estimated as circa 1876.

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Thank you for everyone who has created this. Clearly a huge labor. 

I’m new to concertinas not even having one in my hands yet. I recently purchased Lachenal 114810 and am waiting for it to be delivered. It’s a 20b, Rosewood ends and brass reeds. My best guess from the graphs I’ve seen is that it dates to approximately 1900.


Is that about right? Can you narrow it down any?





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14 hours ago, wes williams said:


Our best guess is circa 1891 :)

 Thanks so much Wes! Appreciate it!

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hi could you please help in dating two english boxes edeophone 48 metal ended 59802 and new model 48 wood ends 59463 

many thanks 


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Can you please give me the approx date for Lachenal 184566, 20 button Anglo?


It’s in very nice condition with the original leather baffles still installed (therefore makers badge and serial).  

In spite of all my efforts, two end bolts broke on disassembly but I can easily replace these.  I really don’t think this concertina has been taken apart in 100 years!!!

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On 4/19/2024 at 11:04 PM, Takayuki YAGI said:

Can I have an approximate year of #185877?

It is 22-key C/G anglo with steel reeds, 5-fold bellows, mahogany ends.


Thank you in advance,


Takayuki - That one is circa 1911.

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Please see attached photos… Is this 15769 or perhaps 55769?  It is an early Lachenal treble that was modified with carved bone ends.  It would be nice to know the serial and date.  There are no other serial numbers except these two in the reed pans.




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