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Dating A Lachenal From The Serial Number


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22 minutes ago, Schnefsky said:

Hi again and thanks in advance. Looking for a date of this 30 button Lachenal Anglo serial number 140043. Or is it L40043?? Lachenal patent concertina. Steel reeds.


circa 1895. It's 140043 and the apparent 'L'  on the paper serial number is caused by cutting and slight damage.

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Hi, I have a concertina with a serial number 41477. Would someone be able to tell me when was it manufactured? I'm working on my family's history and this instrument was one that was brought from England to South America by my father's grand parents. As such this instrument must have been something very special for them and I just want to have an idea of when would they have bought it.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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21 hours ago, Eddie Lindley said:

Hi, I have a concertina with a serial number 41477. Would someone be able to tell me when was it manufactured?


With such a high serial number it can only have been a Lachenal instrument, but there were separate serial number sequences for both English, and Anglo, system instruments.


If it's an English concertina (with four rows of buttons, playing the same note on both press and draw of the bellows) the date would be 1903, whilst if it's a Anglo (with two, or three, rows of buttons, playing different notes on press and draw) it would be 1877.


If you could supply a photo, or photos, we could probably tell you more about it.


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5810 - by Louis Lachenal. In 2005 Stephen Chambers in his very comprehensive "Some Notes on Lachenal Concertina
Production and Serial Numbers" gave a lowest confirmed number of 6119 for concertinas made by Louis Lachenal in his own name, rather than for Charles Wheatstone, and deduced that Louis Lachenal commenced his numbering for English concertinas from 6000. Has this been revised downwards in the light of earlier concertinas that have since come to light, such as mine?


This is a rather nice instrument with very narrow steel reeds. Subjectively I believe the dynamic range is similar to later instruments, but overall quieter and more mellow. Colin Dipper commented that the tolerances were very fine! Surprisingly the ends and bellows are as when I bought it - Colin fettered the tuning and valves




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