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Dating A Lachenal From The Serial Number


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Hi All,

I'm trying to date my Lachenal and Co English concertina. I'm having a little difficulty with the serial number, which appears to be 84122. I didn't know the English serial numbers went this high.

Here are some pertinent photos. I tried to zoom in on the number stamped on the R reed pan.


Many thanks!










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Hi Paul,

Your concertina is what we here would call a '20 key Anglo' as one button operates an air valve. But that means that the only way you can be certain of the number is by opening it up at one end and checking the number on the inside. We've found in many cases that the number visible from the outside has a preceding '1' which is hidden behind the fretwork.

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The stamping on the flank of the palm rest is the Lachenal trade mark. I don't see the STEEL REEDs Stamping above the trade mark on the top of palm rest, so I assume it is brass reeded. You have a 20k Lachenal brass reeded Anglo, of a good grade but sadly in need of at least servicing to make it playable. If talking to a buyer I would suggest, and if the bellows are good, a budget of say £250/300 for servicing, plus the same again if new bellows are called for. In full fighting condition a brass reeded 20 key Anglo might be bought for £500/ 600. This assumes that the concertina is in Concert pitch A=440Hz. This may not be true, and if the instrument needs re-pitching, your service cost starts to look like a full restoration cost.

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