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Dating A Lachenal From The Serial Number

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I have a 28 Key Lachenal & Co. Patent concertina, London. It has one additional key on one side for a total of 29.

The serial number is L32475  I don't play the concertina and know nothing about them. It belonged to my late wife. Any information you can provide is much appreciated. Thanks, Mike Miller

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rar27 No 172103   Circa 1902 Paul Draper No 149617   Circa 1896 Hewene  No 164988    Circa 1898 Len2307   No 152698  Circa 1896

Seth, No. 197411 made in 1926. (I have  the receipt for No. 196865, dated 9 January 1926. In this case, I know that it is a 20 key, previously sold on Ebay.) Dick, Seth, and Others, If

I should have indicated that, if you send me a serial number and description for your Lachenal concertina, I will gladly provide an approximate of the year of manufacture. It will be a while before I

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