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How Does He Do That?

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Like many of you, I suppose, I've been greatly enjoying Cormac Begely's new solo album. I'm wondering if any of you have an idea of how he seems to bend some of his notes. Air flow? Half-pressed buttons? Any insights?


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Barely pressing the button sometimes by resting your finger above it on the end plate and tilting your finger to carefully lower the button while applying a bit more pressure/ vacuum works to flatten the note given sufficient air flow. Also, lighter reeds will blow flat when enough pressure is applied, especially on the low end, ( or all of them on his low box). For a slide effect, you can go from the note below to the one above sort of like a reverse cut ( notes need to be in the same direction) but slurring them together. I suppose you can do this in reverse, but it hasn't occurred to me in a musical context. I do mash on the bellows to bend notes on a couple airs, but use the slide more often.


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