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Stolen Concertina

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According to the Facebook Posting:


Sara Lent Flynn

My concertina was stolen from Piazza SMN, Florence,Italy. It is a Jeffries 47Key (4 row) concertina. It was in a navy adidas bag along with my Nikon D90 camera. Could you please share this post and if anyone has any information could you please let me know. Thank you.

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Very sad news indeed.


But is there a lesson to be learned from this ? Perhaps the thief was after the camera or just an Adidas Bag!! I have often carried a concertina in a camera bag, in fact I have a LowePro rucksack that looks as if it would be carrying some expensive photographic equipment but instead their are compartments for two concertinas.


Other than the incident when a concertina (in its normal concertina box) was stolen from between the feet of one unfortunate player as he chatted to friends after a session at the Willie Clancy Summer School, I would suggest the safest carrying case for a concertina is one bearing an image of a small accordion externally. What ordinary crook wants to fence a squeeze box ?


Good luck with its recovery.

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