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Knee Vibrato

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I am fairly new to concertina. (as you can tell by my question!!) I have always played sitting down. I do a knee vibrato of sorts.. I think it sounds good. Two questions.. Is there away to accomplish this sound when standing to play? Also what other techniques can be used for sound change. Is there a topic already on this.. thanks in advance. Pam

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Here is Koot Brits playing "Salome Waltz",




here is Piet Visser playing "Mermaid Waltz"




and "Kalfie Waltz"




and here is Manie Erasmus,




is this the effect you're looking for?


Just shake the ends, although Manie seems to give the whole bellows a good shake!




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you beat me to it! I was thinking along those lines when I read Pam's question. That bellows tremolo is really typical of the South African boeremusiek style.


BTW, boeremusiek is one of the music genres in which the concertina plays a central role. Apparently they play all concertina systems - for more info see here.




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