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For Sale: Unnamed Early English Concertina

Stephen Selby

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Early English Concertina. Unnamed.

Buttons: 48 Stained red/black and marked with note values on whites.

Bellows: four-fold. Dark green with starburst papers. Bellows are sound.

Serial number: 112

Reeds: brass in brass shoes with squared ends, stamped with note values. Valves cut square as per original.

Condition: excellent internal and external condition. Fully restored on a historical basis by Andrew Norman in 2016. Plays at modern concert pitch. Sweet tone, not loud.

Case: Victorian scientific instrument case with sliding top and handle. Name card of owner pasted in the top: Daniel Whitelaw, Glasgow.

The name of the maker cannot be ascertained; but Andrew Norman thought is resembled work by William Dove.


1,700 pounds sterling. Estimated shipping to Europe, USA or Australia: 80 pounds.







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Ebay-auction 192405102832

28 Dec, 2017 12:15:19 GMT


How did you get that information? I haven't been able to find anything on eBay associated with that number. Did the auction end without a sale? It seems very unlikely to me that Stephen could have sold the instrument without being aware of it.

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Ok folks: here's what happened. eBay did a half-assed / not properly visible listing with the starting bid far too low.


The box was sold to some bloke in South America who couldn't speak English. He obviously hadn't read the description. After agreeing to buy, he started haggling and fretting about the customs duties and bribes he's have to pay to get it (as far as I could grasp through Google Translate). So actually it is now available for sale as before. Price and description as at the top of this posting.

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