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Hi All


I've got a customer who purchased a 30 key Lachenal Anglo concertina but it came without its baffles. I know a lot of people (myself included) play without baffles or remove the baffles, but this gentleman would like the concertina 100% original (or as close as can be if you see what i mean)

Bearing in mind the original baffles have probably long disappeared, where can i get, and what is the correct material to make a realistic/authentic set of baffles from, or does any of the kind members out there have a set of baffles they would sell to me to help out?

Any thoughts or help with this greatly appreciated and if it helps, apparently the baffles that were in this concertina were white.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide

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I doubt that the instrument ever had baffles as such fitted, more likely some maroon grained paper trims, or perhaps a white silk like fabric trim. With out photos of the instrument it is difficult to advise.




Yes, sorry, when I say "baffles" this is a term the customer used, I do indeed mean the maroon grained paper trims that are referred to above. Only, in this case the papers were white. Does this help with suggestions of the correct material to use?

(I cannot post photos of said instrument as it is with gentleman who purchased it and I am in the south of england without said instrument. If it helps, it was a rosewood ended 30 key Lachenal)

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