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The Rose, Fieldtown, On A 20 Button

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Nicely done, but may I suggest playing it a wee bit slower. Too quick for most Morris sides imho. Lot's of examples on YouTube for comparison.

However, perhaps your 5 fold bellows is a limiting factor; the slower you play, the more air is needed as a rule.

Just one man's opinion....


Keep up ,the good work :)

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I was playing it fast so I could get it over before I made a mistake. ;)


If I had been playing it for Morris, I would have played it at dance speed - I've been a Morris dancer for over 30 years. However, I do tend to play a bit faster when playing simply for the joy of the music.

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Thanks for your explanation, Mike.

I was unaware of your Morris background.and understanding.

No offence intended.

None taken. It was good feedback. Although it is sometimes more fun to play faster, it is harder and good discipline to play more slowly. I ought to.

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