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Lachenal Anglo Wanted


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These are all completely refurbished and good players. They may be a bit dear for you, Michael, considering the current exchange rate but drop me a PM and we can talk. The 30b rosewood has a new Jowaisas bellows.



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I have a Lachenal 30 key and a Lachenal 32 key, both with Rosewood ends and steel reeds. They both require work. I've sent you a PM. Pat



I'm looking for a good Lachenal anglo 30 key wooden end, minimum six fold bellows, C/G pitch. Fully restored ideally but would consider one requiring some restoration. Anybody have something suitable?

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My best guess would be Indian rosewood. Point taken. But may be a moot point with the dollar's favorable exchange rate these anglos will probably be staying stateside.


Better check with the authorities, just to be sure, since what I understand from recent discussion here is:

  • Until long after Lachenal closed, all real rosewood used in instrument making would have been Brazilian.
  • Brazilian rosewood being CITES schedule 1, it may need a special permit for sale (maybe even for transport?) even within the US.
  • If you get away with selling it without such documentation (very possible), that lack of documentation could cause problems for sale (or even ownership?) by the new or future owners.

Anyone with evidence to the contrary of the above, please speak up.


What is has long been a legal minefield and has recently become worse is made all the more dangerous by inconsistent enforcement. An oversight at this point in time could provide an excuse for an overzealous future enforcer to destroy a lovely -- even uniquely lovely -- instrument.

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Hope you picked up the pictures, system is not allowing any more messages to you?? The concertina plays well, but I am not an experienced player, this was bought as my first serious concertina, since then I have upgraded and moved more to the English system.

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