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Tedrow C/g Anglo 30 Button, Jeffries Layout W/case

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Reluctantly selling my Tedrow C/G 30 button Anglo concertina. Accordion reeds, 7 fold bellows, Jeffries layout. I emailed Bob to try to get an idea of when it was made and he reckons it was one of his more recent ones. Purchased this from the Button Box last year, they replaced all the pads and gave it a tune up. Comes with great Fallon hard case. Money too tight right now to be able to hang on to this so my loss is someone else's gain. Looking for $1950, PayPal ok, will ship to the lower 48, not entertaining overseas buyers, sorry. Will drop the price a little for local buyers who can pick it up (SF Bay Area).


**Original owner tells me that this is a 2008 built instrument.


Price drop to $1850 including shipping


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